Proactive School Security Technology

Life Check Systems ensures school doors are locked on schedule and stay locked–every day. If any door is not secured on schedule, LCS immediately alerts stakeholders by phone call, text, and email.


How Life Check Improves School Safety

Monitor all sensitive locations around your school.

Affix our all-weather, quarter-sized tags to interior and exterior surfaces at all sensitive areas that should be continuously monitored while students are present. Track locations like doors, windows, perimeters, parking lots, bathrooms, storage areas, gates, sports areas, outbuildings and more.


Customize the system to match your school security policies.

Customize the system so it matches your security policies, and requires specific locations to be observed on custom schedules.

Ensure the physical presence of security personnel.

Personnel must physically touch the mobile device to a mounted location tag to log a check.

Be certain your safety polices are followed.

Administration has a live view of every observation and will receive emailed reports daily highlighting any missed observations or irregularities from the prior 24 hours. These records:

  • Create accountability and leave no room for doubt.
  • Reduce liability risks by documenting compliance.

“Everything runs smoothly. The online platform is user friendly as is the systems as a whole. As a school system, the added security and accountability are welcome as we work daily to keep our students safe. The team at Life Check has been excellent as we have implemented this system in our school system.”

Greg Barclay
Northwest Tennessee School

Who can use Life Check?

Any law enforcement or security agency, individual school, school district, or other educational organization β€” public or private β€” can use Life Check. With our highly customizable features and cellular connectivity, each organization can set up their system to suit specific needs.

County Sheriff’s Offices & Municipal Police Departments

A county Sheriff’s Office or municipal police department can implement Life Check at schools with or without SROs to ensure policies are followed and documented.

For schools with SROs, Life Check allows management to be certain that officers are present and actively patrolling.

For schools without SROs, management can install location tags at multiple schools and create policies that require local patrol officers to travel between schools conducting and logging checks. The schedule is 100% customizable, so the frequency of checks can be altered to accommodate each organization’s staffing levels.

Everyone from custodians to faculty to administrators can use the system.

Public & Private K-12 Schools & Districts

Public and private schools with or without security staff can use Life Check at a single school site, among multiple buildings on a larger campus, or across multiple schools in a district. Any staff member can learn to use Life Check regardless of prior training or background.

College & University Police Departments

A college or university police department can operate Life Check on their campus.

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