Proactive Security Technology for Real-Time Accountability

Life Check Systems is a simple but powerful technology solution that ensures your security policies are followed 100% of the time. It is customizable, easy to use, and affordable for correctional facilities and schools of all sizes.

For Jails    For Schools

How Life Check Works

1. Setup & Customize – Attach tracking tags at locations that must be monitored. Configure custom schedules for personnel to complete observations.

2. Scan & Log – Security personnel must physically scan each location tag, and take photo and videos, ensuring their physical presence. Alarms go off if a compliance failure is near. All data is automatically logged.

3. Monitor – Administrators and can oversee activity in real-time on a centralized dashboard and generate reports.

With Life Check, you achieve an unparalleled level of accountability and security compliance at your facility.

Simple. Customizable. Accountable.

Easy to Implement

Get up and running in one day. Train personnel in an hour or less.


Adjust settings to match your facility’s practices, policies and terminology. It’s like having your best supervisor on duty 24/7. 


All data uploads automatically in real time and is securely stored on the cloud.


Personnel can’t enter observations unless they touch the mobile device to the location tag that verifies they are physically present to make the observation.


Devices primarily operate on Wi-Fi, but switch to a cellular connection automatically if Wi-Fi fails. If no connection is available, devices store locally and auto-upload when they reconnect.


Alarms notify personnel and supervisors if compliance failure is near. Configure timers, alerts, and notices to your specifications.

See How it Works

We can show you how Life Check can help increase accountability at your facility. Plus, it’s more affordable than you think. Book a no-pressure, no-obligation demo to see it in action.