Real-time Accountability.

Life Check Systems is a powerful cell check and guard tour technology solution that reduces liability by ensuring officers document all required inmate observations.  It is customizable, easy to use, and affordable for facilities of all sizes.


Now serving over 120 facilities in 19 states.

LCS is now an authorized federal contractor. The Bureau of Indian Affairs is using LCS in all regional facilities in Arizona, Colorado, Montana, North Dakota, South Dakota, Utah, and Wyoming.

Achieve compliance with critical regulations.

Correctional facilities must comply with government regulations requiring documented, personal observations of inmates. When they don’t, the legal and financial consequences are serious.

With Life Check, officers receive push notifications and alarms on their devices BEFORE an inspection is missed.

Achieve compliance with Life Check…

Reduce your liability.

Most correctional facilities attempt to meet regulations with paper forms, but checks are often missed and falsified logs can easily be revealed when compared with security camera footage. When a critical event occurs, noncompliance creates liability and falsified documents make defending a lawsuit virtually impossible.

Life Check replaces unreliable paper logs with verified digital reports that exceed requirements and incorporate photos and videos.

Reduce liability with Life Check… 

Taylor County Jail & Life Check Systems


Eliminate paper logs with a simple, easy-to-use technology solution.

Say good-bye to stacks of paper logs that are difficult to verify, manage and store.

Life Check Systems creates real-time, digital observation logs that are stored on the cloud as officers complete inspections. Reports can be accessed from anywhere and downloaded with the click of a button.

See how it works…

Everything You Need to Create Accountability at Your Correctional Facility


Get up and running in one day. Train officers in an hour or less.


Adjust settings to match your facility’s practices, policies and terminology. It’s like having your best supervisor on duty 24/7. 

Auto Uploads in Real Time

All data from officers’ devices uploads automatically in real time. No action is required to upload anything to the cloud.


Officers can’t enter observations unless they touch the back of the mobile device to the NFC tag that verifies they are physically present to observe inmates.


Software is run on rugged, military-grade smartphones that are locked down and can only run LCS.

Cellular Backup

Devices primarily operate on Wi-Fi, but switch to a cellular connection automatically if Wi-Fi fails. If no connection is available, devices store locally and auto-upload when they reconnect.

Affordable for Correctional Facilities of Any Size

Life Check is designed specifically for the needs of local jails. Pricing is based on the number of beds in your facility. Our facilities range from 10 to 1,200 beds.


Case Study: Putnam County Sheriff

See how Putnam County uses Life Check Systems to increase accountability at their jail.

“Getting my inspector the reports he wants to see has never been easier or less stressful. I highly recommend Life Check Systems.”

Joe S. Warden
Johnson County, TX

See How it Works

We can show you how Life Check can help increase accountability at your facility. Plus, it’s more affordable than you think. Book a no-pressure, no-obligation demo to see it in action.